Keenly Makes Removing Your Data from Data Brokers Easy

Keenly takes the following steps:

  1. Input your information. You give us basic information—name, city, birth year—and we scan hundreds of data brokers' sites to identify matches. Optionally, you can input additional information to make the scan more accurate.
  2. We request and manage opt-outs. We use a combination of web crawling, automation, agent help, and brokered relationships to initiate opt-out requests and follow up until your information has been removed.
  3. A few brokers require your cooperation to finish the process. We'll let you know which brokers that's true for, how much time it will take, and exactly what you need to do.
  4. Your data is removed from all of the largest brokers brokers, and we keep you informed of the progress.
  5. The amount of time before removal varies by broker. It can take a day or two, or weeks.
  6. Maintenance: we proactively scan brokers' sites on an ongoing basis to check for any of your data reappearing. If any of your data has reappeared, we follow the same opt-out process to completion. On a given data broker's site, some of your information will typically re-appear 2–3 times per year. We perform scans every 90 days, minimizing your risk in a cost-effective way.

At every step of the way, you can see exactly who has what data on you, and where in the removal process Keenly is.

Can I Ask Data Brokers to Remove My Data Myself?

Yes. However, there are hundreds of data brokers, each with a unique multi-step process for opting out—and your data often reappears in a broker's database after it's been removed, typically 2–3 times per year.

Why Should I Trust Keenly?

Keenly is:

  • Trusted by Stephen Curry, an investor in Keenly
  • Backed by the best: backed by the same investors as Airbnb and Slack
  • Built by Kikoff, the same team that has helped 1M+ people protect and build their credit since 2019

We use bank-grade encryption to keep your data safe.

Plus, Keenly has a 7-day money-back guarantee on all annual plans. Try Keenly risk-free and see it in action.